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What does this mod do?

This mod now adds 6 new types of armor to the game at around level 20+.

*Blue Glass
*Elven Sky
*Elven Eldar
*Golden Mithril

New in 2.0
*Drakefired Glass set

This armor can only be found on enemy NPC's and *Chests at levels 20+ and cannot be bought in any store... that I know of. You'll just have to find it all like me.

When I hit level 20 and started getting Glass armor I was disappointed with the look of the green glass, so I started working on my own version of the glass then expanded on to Eleven and Mithril. This was done by changing the textures to suit my needs, and I also raised the protection/health/value to match the glass armor values this way I was not forced only to use glass armor at level 20+.

Thanks to ""Vincent Wyrmwing" and "Viz79"

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