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Located in the warm waters south of Leyawiin is Topal Island. The island contains the following areas:

Topal Lighthouse:
Player-activated lighthouse fire to protect ships on their route to the Imperial City.
Excellent views of distant Leyawiin and the open sea.
Lighthouse keeper's quarters with cozy fire, containers, paintings, and a side bedroom.
Lighthouse middle level with storage room containing storage chests, food and wine.
Lighthouse upper level with ladder to the top of the lighthouse.
Cellar with many display cases, and study containing a huge library, massive amount of storage, and the Static Alchemy mod.

Topal House:
Every comfort a house should have, tons of storage, two fireplaces, display case, bed, and various other furniture.

Traditional Anvil-style sailing vessel.
Captain's quarters with large table, bed, storage containers.
Middle Deck with addtional sleeping quarters for your crew, storage, and fully-stocked crew galley.
Lower Deck (Brig) for hiding all those bodies Watch out for the rats.

Topal Island:
Surrounded by stone wall to limit flooding.
Mermaid statue looking towards the open sea.
Bridge connecting the mainland with Topal Island.
Alchemy garden with every plant you can imagine.
Basin of Renewal to wash away the wounds of battle.
Female NPC responsible for lighting/dousing lighthouse fire, and tending to the alchemy garden.

"Cheats" Warning:
There are only three things which people may consider cheats in this mod.
Sword of Topal: Glass Claymore with Paralyze enchant.
Static Alchemy Mod with Master level equipment.
Books: All of the non-quest books in the game, even the skill books. The books on the bottom row of both cases, and the second row from the bottom on the case next to the door are all the skill books. Knowledge really is power.

NOTE: Before you can move in you must have closed the Kvatch Oblivion gate.
Future Releases
Once all of the minor bugs have been hashed out I plan on releasing an abridged "Non-Cheats" version of this mod.

The changes will be:
Sword of Topal: Dwarven Claymore with lesser Paralyze enchant
Library: No skill books
Static Alchemy Mod: Journeyman or Apprentice alchemy equipment
Current Version: 1.4
Change Log:
Fixed script and name conflicts.
Added condition to acquisition quest.
Number of houses owned will now increase when player gains ownership.
Added quest target reference to second part of quest.
Fixed NPC activation bug that would occur if the player was activated while sneaking. (Good catch Jarol)
Fixed a NPC bug that prevented activation after receiving quest.
Massive interior overhaul:
Due to the overhaul of the interiors please empty items from these containers before installing the mod.
Topal Island House:
Lecturn on first floor
Chest in upstairs room with fireplace
Topal Island Lighthouse Keepers House:
Cupboard to the right of entry.
Topal Island Lighthouse Middle Level:
Bottom crate from storage room

Added decorations and rearranged furniture in all interior cells.
Added "galley" to Half-Moon middle level.
Extract the zip file to your Data folder, please make sure "Use folder names" is checked. After extracting, enable "TopalIsland.esp" under Data Files in the game menu.

If updating the mod to a newer version, just replace the .esp and .txt file in the Data directory.

Feel free to include this island in your mod, but please give credit.
Bethesda Software for releasing the CS and an excellent game.

The Oblivion community for providing feedback and help as I created this mod and learned how to use the CS.

Academician Nwahs for his excellent Static Alchemy Mod.

Vinniemc for inspiration.

Most of all, the sites gracious enough to host my mod for free.
The mod and screenshots have been attached to this thread.

I have tested this extensively but as this is the first public release I have no doubt some bugs will be found.

Please post any bugs in the release thread as your feedback will get the quickest response there:

Thanks in advance for any bug reports or feedback!

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