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Like many current applications, Wrye Bash requires the installation of a support library. Unfortunately, Wrye Bash requires not just one support library, but several. So to simplify things for users (especially first time users), this package collects those installers into a single download/install package.

Usage: Download this exe and run it. You'll be given the option to install the following components:
* Python 2.5 (Python language/libraries)
* PyWin32 2.12 (MS Windows extensions)
* ComTypes 0.5.2 (MS Windows extensions)
* PIL 1.1.6 (Image Handling)
* Psyco 1.6 (Peformance Enhancement)
* wxPython (GUI)

Be aware that each component has its own installer, which will be created and run in turn. Upon completion, you'll be left with the separate installers in the directory of your choosing. You can delete or keep these as you wish.

Note that that this installer does not install Wrye Bash itself. For that, you'll still need to download Wrye Bash from Wrye Musings and unzip it to your Oblivion directory.
Change log
=== v 01 [11/13/2008]

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