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These are music's from Oblivion for your mp3.
The music selection is what the "most" overall people like.
So why only hear these beautifuel sound's when you play oblivion? Take 'em with you everywhere :P!


To install, attach your mp3 to your computer.
Select the driver it is in.
Copy the sounds into your mp3 MUSIC file.

---Bugs and error's---

They should work on mp3, if they dont work please mail me.
Note, it may happen, that when you try to copy them all together to your mp3, it will say it can't, simply put them in one by one.

---Where the music came from---

It comes from Oblivion music file, go to your Oblivion Data file, then open the Music file, and here you can select all other music's.
The average of people likes these music's thats why i helped the lazy guys under you.

---Contact and Information---

This is just small made by me, Tharulerme, A.K.A. HFW-Cmd.Dave.
This is made for and for your own use.
Credit's go to me, and the Bethesda softworks team, for creating such nice music for us!

Hotmail: (We are a Call Of Duty 2 clan, but feel free to ask me about Oblivion stuff :P!).

---For the FileFronters:---

For the filefronters: This was made to help the lazy people under you.
Don't flame this, nor the author, because a child of 3 years old could do this.
This was made for lazy people, to make it a bit easier for them.

Greeting's loyal Filefront watchers and Oblivion players! Enjoy!

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