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The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth Hints, Tips

Unlimited Command Points
Max out your command points with an army then send them out to the edge of the map, it will as you if you want them to leave, answer yes. Then build another army then click on the reinforcements flag then you got a double army.
Leveling Hobbits
When fighting as Gondor, Purchase merry and 2 to 4 battalions of gondor soldiers. Click merry and chose throw rocks mode. then send merry out along with the gondor soldiers as a strike force. this works better and faster than you think. by the time merry gets to level 8 or so, he will be able to 1-hit ko any basic infantry unit.
Protecting Your Base
When your Rohan or Gondor first you should build a couple of farms and then build a archery range. Build about 3 battalions of archers. Line them against the wall , also you should get trebuchets when Gondor. Then taunt them by opening your gate then they come at you and your archers will shoot then as soon as you can close the gate do that. Then when they stop sending soldiers you have enough powers in the power menu to get the Elven or Rohirimm allies (except when Rohan) believe me saves alot of your soldiers.
Try to get as many outpost plots around your base.

When you have a castle close the gate and build a postern gate.
Build two economy structures per one unit production building.

Fewer upgraded units are always better than many non-upgraded units.

Build economy structures in the back of the Camp/Castle and build unit
production structures in the front.
The Nazgul
When you are one of the ringwraithes be sure to stay away from arches. Mostly keep away from Elven archers and if you are fighting Isengard, stay away from their crossbow men.
When you get the points to buy mountain trolls, dark wizards, etc save up for the nazgul or even better the witch-king.
Strong Trolls & Ents
First Create a troll, one you have done that pick up a tree-left click on troll than right click on tree- after that is done fight the enemy and your troll will become stronger with armor and will get a spiked club.
To make an Ent more powerful, have it to pull boulders out of buildings or rock piles to throw at enemies.


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