The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth, review by Malthak

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Good Points:Epic Campaign absolutely correct according to the movie.Less building and huge armies can make you stack in front of your computer for many hours.Heroes have their own unique powers based upon the characters of the films.A wide variety of special faction powers as well which gives you the chance to control Ents or the Balrog.

Bad Points:The game can become heavy for some computers and even if the settings are on Ultra High graphics and the computer can cope with it some lagging might occur.Loading times can also be long if the above happen.You dont have the option to build building where you want them.If you need more farms you have to conquer and lose armies and resources as well.

Synopsis:A fantastic game.Great action,campaign taken carefully from the movie,the chance to lead your own forces into battle with the help of Ents and other such powerful creatures.The biggest drawback is the fact that the game is rather heavy.
Posted on 07/24/2009 15:43
9.3 perfect