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I made mod from editing my own file and copying ideas and files from others. A little from every where actually.
The way this mod is set up is mainly for the specs of my computer so dont expect huge massive armies.

Installing Files:
I changed the ini big file into a collection of notepad ini files for easier searching through their contents and i have edited the
english patch ini file to include messages for building the new heros.
To install just put the ini folder into the Battle for Middle earth/data folder(REMINDER: Remove the ini.big file from the main directory or the
mod will not work!)
Also move the file called _englishpatch103.big from the folder aswell or replace it with the file included in the zip(if you replace it it wont affect anything
with the game(though im not sure of other mods))

Basic Changes:
Sauron as Hero: Leadership, Word of power, and fireball(he is basically invinciable to all units but heros(SEE WARNING!!!))
Shelob: No power as of yet
More Nazguls: Always a bonus(but not nine)
Morder Orcs:More health and damage, take less cp points(10pergrp), faster build time
Mordor Archers:More health and damage, take less cp points(10pergrp), faster build time
Orcpit:Faster uprage to veterancy
MumakilPen:Faster upgrade to veterancy
Sentry towers:can be built by regular foundations
All rhun-harad units: same as orcs but with no damage boost
Orcforge(cant remember name):higher reasouce gain

Isengard: All units take less cp points (well most do)
Shelob: Just to add a hero
1 Nazgul: Like i said before, the more the better
Uruk Barracks units: More damage, health, less build time , and cp drop
Siege units: varied affects, 0 cp for bombs
Forge:same as mordor
Warg riders: decrease in build time

Rohan:All units take less cp points (well most do) and build time
Farm: more reasources
Gandalf: added for fun(same as gondor(see warning farther on))
all units:not sayin it again

Gondor:All units take less cp points (well most do) and build time
Frodo and Sam: added with edited stats
Aragorn: see warning later
Farahmir(spelling WRONG(I think): Increased bow damage(stupid hobbits having higher ranged damage(rocks? lmao))
Smith: increased reasouce gain

General changes
Cp limit incresed for every type of skirmish game(meaning amnt of plyrs)
Changes made to veterency bonuses in higher levels
Vetereny gain speed, reasources gains, speed build bonus edited to increase with amnt of plyrs
Campaign startig cp increased and max limit well above the amnt u can gain through territory conquer
A few other things i can't remember at the moment
oh yeah, and i added the build anywhere mod(dont have to use it if u dont want to)

here are the warning mentions
1. about gandalf in rohan. on ur power bar there will be an already in use spell which is the gandalf the white
upgrade. u will get all the bonuses but i cant get him to be able to use shadowfax(srry e-mail if u now how to do this without
replacing one of the powers from the regular game)
2. Aragorn has the same problem but a bit different. the spell shows up on the spell power bar but the red glow doesnt appear on the sword.
i have no idea wheather he is gaining that upgrade or not(both this one and gandalfs problem dont really affect gameplay at all(unless they work and im mistakin))
3. Last but not least is the warning about sauron. He is an uber character that is pretty much invincible to all units except he is weak to heros.
The warning is to KEEP HIM AWAY FROM YOUR CITY AND/OR ARMY!!!!!!!!!! His range hit is incredable but ALSO HITS ALL ALLIES WITHIN!!!! Thats the price to pay
for having him (also 12000 reasources)

Thanks to:
Telekin for the build anywhere mod (and for marking his edited stuff)
GothmogtheOrc for his great tutorials (helped a lot)
and to all u people who wont b**** about this mod

contact me if you desire to at:
(p.s i know enternal is spelt wrong)

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