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Staged! 1.1, by Fahmen - ReadMe File

-»34,000 $ worth
-»With a basement

Notice that if you want to put stuff on the walls of the basement, simply use [moveobjects on] code. To turn it off, it's [moveobjects off]. This lot requires Open for business & University expansions. I'll be happy to let you modify the lot. If you want to redistribute the lot, I want to be warned first. And the file must be at my name. to contact me.

Some useful codes

-»moveobjects [on/off] - Allow you to select unselectable objects, and to place any object anywhere you want ;

-»roofslopeangle [x] - Change the angle of the roof : change [x] for a value between 15 to 75. 45° is the default angle ;

-»boolprop allow45degreeangleofrotation [true/false] - Allow you to rotate objects of 45° instead of 90°. True to activate, False to deactivate ;

Hope you'll enjoy it

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