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The Full Combat Rebalance mod was published on the 8th of July and it is, so far, the biggest modification created for The Witcher. The combat system basis has been rebuilt and it has been done single-handly by Andrzej "Flash" Kwiatkowski. The aim he was motivated by was maximizing the realism of the gameplay, this way making it more similar to the world created by Andrzej Sapkowski and maintaining the gameplay to the highest possible standard at the same time. The fights have became more brutal, they need more tactics and strategy, but on the other hand the combat system rules have become more logical. We warmly encourage you to test the modification on your own – and experience a completely new game!

FCR is much bigger than Flash Mod which alters combat mechanics, but is still based on the original ones. For comparison, Flash Mod consists of 913 files, 17 of which are scripts (game mechanics). FCR consists 2241 files, 206 of which are scripts. FCR stands for ‘Full Combat Rebalance’, because the combat rules are almost made from scratch.

FCR offers:

* new design of the PC’s and NPC’s parameters,
* full armor system and armor type/weapon/combat style dependencies,
* damage fully dependent on weapons as in most cRPG games,
* full skill tree overhaul, including sword style rules,
* much faster and lore-close combat,
* fully customizable installation with the ability to install each feature seperately,
* all improvements known from Flash Mod.

WARNING: FCR modification makes the game harder. If you find original game hard enough, you should play with FCR on NORMAL (lowest) difficulty with Easy Monsters option selected in installer.

Many tips, hints and detailed explanations can be found in mod's topic on official The Witcher forum.

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