Mod: Shani see through black night
This mod replaces Shani default night dress with a see through black nighty and thong
  File Name: Shani see through Black Nighty.rar     Author: Doomigator
  File Size: 1.33 MB   Files Added: 1
  Downloads: 1,134 (1 last week)   Author Downloads: 1,134 (1 last week)
  Posted: 27.12.2011   Supporters: 6 (+1 Add)
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By Doomigator (SI Newbie) on Jan 03, 2012
This mod is also available for Triss. I'm not sure why Strategy Informer did not approve that file for download. You can search for it by name on the web " Triss see through black nighty"
By cris333 (SI Newbie) on Jan 17, 2012
there is a mod here named "Triss Without underwear"
However im surprised why strategyinformer do not approve your mod..The Witcher has already by default vampires girls NAKED so a nude mod censor its ..USELESS :))
By Doomigator (SI Newbie) on Jan 17, 2012
I agree! The mod is nearly the exact same just on a different character. Makes no sense