Tomb Raider: Anniversary Demo, Movie (PC)

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Tomb Raider Anniversary Demo (Mac)

Playable demo for the OS X based computers. This demo features a single level to play to get a taste of the game.

Demo added: 15.02.2008 | TRAE_Demo.dmg | 273.23 MB | 309 downloads

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Trailer #3

A new short gameplay trailer featuring footage from Tomb Raider: Anniversary.

Movie added: 07.06.2007 | trailer_3_re-cut_out_now.wmv | 58.13 MB | 2 downloads

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Tomb Raider Anniversary Demo

Join Lara in Peru as she begins her search for a mysterious artifact, exploring hidden caves, solving complex puzzles and fighting dangerous creatures along the way.

Demo added: 26.05.2007 | tombraideranniversary_demo.exe | 257.70 MB | 1213 downloads

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Developer Diary #2

The musical composer behind Tomb Raider, Troels Folmann, talks about his inspiration for the soundtrack in Anniversary.

Movie added: 14.05.2007 | tra_dev_diary_2_4-25-07.wmv | 23.73 MB | 0 downloads

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'Coliseum' Trailer

This trailer shows some gameplay footage from the Coliseum missions.

Movie added: 14.05.2007 | vignette%205%20june.wmv | 46.09 MB | 0 downloads

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'St. Francis Folly' Video

This video showcases a nostalgic return to the original Greece level as we venture back to the world of St. Francis Folly.

Movie added: 27.04.2007 | | 62.94 MB | 0 downloads

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Developer Diary #1

This week's installment features game producer, Lulu Lamer and creative director, Jason Betta talking about the inspiration behind the Tomb Raider Anniversary edition and revealing some of the game's key features.

Movie added: 23.04.2007 | | 25.25 MB | 0 downloads

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Egypt Video #2

Second gameplay trailer with in-game footage from Egypt missions.

Movie added: 20.04.2007 | vig_2_.wmv | 26.55 MB | 0 downloads

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Egypt Video

Action trailer with in-game footage from Egypt missions.

Movie added: 16.04.2007 | vignette_1_june.wmv | 11.83 MB | 0 downloads

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