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Author: Greybeard Size. 25 X 58, File Size 18.6 mb, Minimum Ram 128Mb, Max Players 8. Wetumpka is the site of an ancient impact site in Alabama USA. The actual real crater structure is about 6.5 km in diameter. The real terrain is nothing desert-like at all, and in fact the city of Wetumpka resides on the piece of water-locked land on the mid-left of the map. The terrain means gameplay is quite different depending on where you start. The water-locked land at left is easiest to defend, but also the toughest to get off of. The northern areas are also easy to defend due to the chokepoints in all the canyons, but it's tough to put a base together amidst all the rugged landscape. The crater area is also easy to defend and has a little more room. The south is easiest rolling for tanks and kbots, but also easiest to attack. Resources are slathered all over the map, tons of reclaimable rocks, trees, geo vents, lava flows (which even steam as they enter the water), etc.

there is now a version 2 of this map which uses tileset additions made to the earth desert tileset by Datanut. Specifically, the small river at the south now empties into the larger river at the north via one of the new desert river mouth tiles. This much better matches the topography of the actual terrain (see real gif for more details). In addition, the large river which previous rendered the landmass to immediate left isolated and land-locked is now passable in three spots by using the conversion of archi-shallows to desert-shallows, also by Datanut.
The map offers a rough and canyon-gouged terrain in the north end, all of the canyons either opening or terminating at the river or the flat area directly south of the rough northern end. The middle of the map offers a water-locked piece of land to the left and the actual Wetumpka Impact crater structure to the left. The crater itself is horseshoe shaped and open at the bottom left. The walls use the stacked crater tiles to try and recreate the actual "lay-of-the-land". South of the crater is a desert area which is created using either dunes or desert-archipelago transistion tiles. The very southern left corner has more rough terrain. Along the way, various mesas and desert plateaus are used to try and roughly follow the geography of the original satellite picture
The map supports 2-8 players, with odd teams of 1-3-5 being at the top and 2-4-6 being at the bottom (roughly).

Thanks to Chinahook for providing a copy of a desert-archipelago transistion tileset (author-unknown)

Thanks also to Datanut for making additions to the Earth Desert tileset (now at version 2.1) which made version 2 of this map possible. The mini-map doesn't reflect the map terrain very well at all... the desert cliffs almost disappear and all the terrain detail (like canyons in the north and crater structure at center-right) are lost. You'll have to play it to see it. The AI is set to default.

Map requires tamec2004. see readme in download for further details and credit.

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