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Author: Jodark. Size 22 X 13, File Size 29.4mb, Minimum Ram 384Mb, Max Players 6. It is inspired by Drumheller, Alberta... a grand-canyon-like piece of terrain where many dinosaur fossils are found. The map was created using Bryce, AutoCAD, Photoshop, and Annihilator. A more detailed description of the process can be found in the author's readme. Suffice it to say, the result is graphically fabulous.... a unique and wonderful landscape. Feature placement is well done and the whole thing has an aura of realism that is rather unique. Although the map area is only 22 x 13 the hpi file is almost 30Mb. This large hpi file size is because there are no repeating tiles, each section of the map is unique. This map requires large amounts of ram (384Mb barely works) for proper play and for online play broadband is a must.

The map was created with both ai and online play in mind. For online play it is best used for a 2 vs 2 or ffa with up to 4 players. The 5th and 6th start postitions are added for challenging ai play and the resoures are plentiful so be prepared for a full use of one's abilities and resources in a difficult but stimulating battle.

The AI is set to default. Note that this map was not specifically designed to work with THE PACK, so the comment at top of page about geo vents/metal patches being used for defensive weapons (Devestators/Behemoths) does not necessarily apply here.

Map requires tamec2004, tak2004beta (both downloadable at links above) OR creon features.hpi for features... The author also recommends the MC WindyTrees.ccx, although this is not necessary for the map to run. See readme in download for further details and credit.

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