Total War: Rome II News (PC)

Creative Assembly's Total War: ROME II now updated to Emperor Edition

Posted: 16.09.2014 by Technet2k

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For those who own Creative Assembly's Total War: ROME II you might have noticed it's got a lot more Emperor in its diet. Today marks the launch of the Emperor Edition, which overhauls some key things.

The political system has been reworked with building chains overhauled, and an extensive campaign rebalancing. Armenia joins the playable factions in the Grand Campaign.

Creative Assembly will debut a new Total War title at EGX this month

Posted: 10.09.2014 by nickhorth1

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Only a week after they lifted the lid on the upgraded Rome 2: Emperor Edition, Creative Assembly has announced that they will reveal a new Total War title at this month's EGX event.

Specifically the reveal will happen as part of CA's developer stage session on Thursday 25 at 4pm GMT.

Next Total War: ROME II expansion will be free for current owners, Emperor Edition Out 16th September

Posted: 04.09.2014 by JamieSI

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SEGA and Creative Assembly revealed today that the next expansion pack for Total War: ROME II, The Imperator Augustus Campaign Pack, will be free for all current owners of the game. in other words, SEGA advise you to pick up Total War: ROME II today, else you'll have to pay full wack for the expansion when it's released.

The Imperator Augustus Campaign Pack covers the outbreak of the great Roman civil war that gave rise to the first emperor. Take command of the battlefield as Octavian, Marc Anthony and Lepidus clash for supremacy.

Creative Assembly announces free Total War: Rome 2 Emperor Edition update

Posted: 01.09.2014 by nickhorth1

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The Creative Assembly has announced Total War: Rome 2 Emperor Edition, a free update for the swords-and-sandals strategy game that bundles all the free DLC content already released, along with various gameplay enhancements and a whole new singleplayer campaign.

Along with the new content players can apparently expect a reworked politics system, new building chains, improved battle AI, and various visual tweaks and upgrades.

Total War: Rome 2 patch 13.1 adds festival events and gameplay fixes

Posted: 18.06.2014 by nickhorth1

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Total War: Rome 2's latest patch 13.1, entitled "Hotfixes and Festivals", adds the usual bunch of new technical fixes and gameplay improvements, alongside new "seasonal festival events" across all campaigns.

Most of the other changes relate to the recent Pirates & Raiders DLC, fixing problems with recruitment and unit stats.