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Hello Gentlemen, this is my third mod for S2TW. This mod is similiar to perfect mod from Swiss Halberdier and his AUM mod. Actually without his help this mod would not existed. So great thanks for him. This mod is made for compatibility reasons with my mods and i made many tweaks which i prefer more.

As always my mods not telling you how to play the game, my mods letting you choose how to play the game. If all my mods are put together they create large overhaul mod, but i prefer to cut it to many pieces and each piece is offered in many different versions so YOU decide how your game will look like. Have fun.


Main changes are: Unlocks 8 vanilla units and 4 vanilla ships, adds 11 new custom units and 3 customized vanilla units.

Unit stats are made to match with latest version of my Stats mod.

1. Unlocks these vanilla units in campaign/custom: Katana Ronin, Yari Ronin, Katana Wako, Bow Wako, Loansword Ashigaru, Matchlock Warrior Monks, Naginata Warrior Monk Cavalry, Samurai Retainers, Onna Bushi, Great Guard

2. Unlocks these vanilla ships in campaign/custom: Black Ship, Caravel, Red Seal Ship, Wako Trade Ship

3. Changes in experience given by buildings - low level buildings gives small or none exp bonus, higher level buidlings give bigger exp bonus. (With most buildings it works like level 1,2 give no exp bonus, level 3,4 give higher exp bonus)

4. Different recruitment for unlocked vanilla units - Sword Ashigaru can be created in all 5 levels of your castle, Onna Bushi from level 3 castle, Samurai Retainers from level 3 castle, Ronins from level 3 markets, Wako units from level 3 ninja buildings, Monks from level 3 temples - this prevents AI to spam these units at early stage of the game, they need to at laest upgrade their city a bit (same as player) to get these new units.

5. Added some new abilities to all units - many units had lack of any abilities so they got some nice stuff to be more balanced. Warrior Nuns got 2 abilites - rapid advance and second wind

6. All unlocked vanilla units can be created unlimited times - no need to worry to have some annoying limits.

7. New Custom units added in V3 - Yari Warrior Monks, Bow Warrior Monks Cavalry, Naginata Ronin and custom versions of Samurai Retainers and Onna Bushi (Great thanks to Swiss for these awesome units, his own mod can be found here -

8. New units cards added from V3 - Many thanks to JFC to create such a great unit cards. All units supported.

9. New Custom units added in V4 - No-Dachi Warrior Monks, Great Guard Bow Cavalry, Bow Ronin + Uesugi and Takeda versions of new cavalry an monk units)

10. New Custom units added in V5 - Naginata Ashigaru (+ Oda version), Arquebusiers Samurai,Christian Matchlock Samurai, Tachi Samurai (+ Shimazu version)

11. New Custom units added in V6 - Nanban Matchlock Mercenaries, Sword Ashigaru

12. Ikko Ikki clan reworked - Ikko Ikki have now all samurai units, all custom units + new Warrior Nuns (vanilla Ikko Ikki had no samurais, custom units and no nuns)

13. Sengoku Jidai units unlocked for all clans - All clans are now able to create all 10 DLC units. Each of the playable clans keep its own unique version of the DLC unit + got 9 classic ones.

New loading screens from famiglia_ducale added, enjoy this excelent stuff.

For proper balanced units costs, upkeep and stats play this mod with my Upkeep and Stats mods !!!!

DLC Units Recruitment:

Bulletproof Samurai - Yari Dojo (level 3-4)
Marathon Monks - Temple (level 2-4)
Hand Mortars - Siege (level 3-4)
Heavy Gunners - Siege (level 3-4)
Wako Raiders - Pirate special region building
Mounted Gunners - Stable (level 3-4) + Horse resource
Bandits - Pirate special region building
Long Yari Ashigaru - Castle (level 2-5)
Fire Cavalry - Stable (level 2-4) + Horse resource
Daikyu Samurai - Bow Dojo (level 3-4)

Number of Units in each building:

Yari Dojo - 5 Units (Naginata Samurai, Yari Samurai, Bulletproof Samurai, Onna Bushi, Yari Hero)
Bow Dojo - 3 Units (Bow Samurai, Daikyu Samurai, Bow Hero)
Sword Dojo - 4 Units (Katana Samurai, No-Dachi Samurai, Tachi Samurai, Katana Hero)
Temple - 10 Units (Naginata Monk, Bow Monk, Warrior Nuns, Monk Hero, Marathon Monk, Bow Cavalry Monk, Naginata Cavalry Monk, Rifle Monk, Yari Monks, Nodachi Monks)
Siege - 7 Units (Fire Rocket, Mangonel, Firebomb Thrower, Hand Mortar, Heavy Gunner, Arquebusier Samurai, Rifle Samurai)
Stable - 8 Units (Katana Cavalry, Yari Cavalry, Light Cavalry, Bow Cavalry, Guard Cavalry, Bow Guard Cavalry, Fire Cavalry, Mounted Gunners)
Castle - 7 Units (Yari Ashigaru, Bow Ashigaru, Sword Ashigaru, Naginata Ashigaru, Long Yari Ashigaru, Rifle Ashigaru, Samurai Retainers)

Radious Units Mod - Fall of the Samurai version

- added chevrons boosts in buildings according to this mod (level 1 - 0, level 2 - 1, level 3 - 2, level 4 - 3)
- Famous Radious Fire by Rank returns !!!!! (new ability for all Elite and Line infantry - more firing mods to choose from = better)
- V2 version unlocks all units for all clans
- Added special abilites table and change cooldowns for most abilities.
- Changed unit recruitment buildings
- Added many abilites for all traditional units to make them usefull
- Use this only if you going to play FotS Campaign

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