Cheats & Hints

True Crime: Streets of L.A. Cheats & Codes

Enter the following for your license plate when starting a new game.

Code: Description:
B00Z Bum
5WAT SWAT member
M1K3 Commando
FATT High ranking police officer
FUZZ Officer Johnson
B1G1 Your female boss
ROSA Your partner
HURT_M3 Your partner in lingerie
TFAN Gangster
HARA Asian worker
MRFU - Asian high roller
PHAM Asian butcher
TATS Tattoo lady
MNKY Street punk
B00B Punk girl
P1MP Pimp
BRUZ Champion boxer
HAWG Big biker
JASS Blindfolded smoking donkey
1MM Corpse
JASS Blindfolded donkey smoking a cigarette
TATS Tatooed lady
ROSA Female partner
HURT M3 Female partner wearing lingerie
HARA Working male asian
RECKON Wild west gunslinger
ACTVZZL Snoop Dogg
vaklam Play as Jeanette
KNOICHI Unmasked Ninja Women