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"Dragonscale armor in various versions" mod

1. If you want to have the Dragonscale Armor in you inventory you have to enter following bonus code from main menu:
That's all. Now you can use my various versions of mod but one file at a time.

2. Instalation is simple: Look at the pictures in my post, chose the armor version you want to wear then copy appropriate WD file to your ...Two Worlds 2/WDFiles folder. After running the game the armor will appear in your inventory. I you want to use different version of my mod remove earlier copied WD file from mentioned folder and copy there onother one.

3. This mod is compatibile with most of mods. It doesn't affect TwoWorlds.par file. It is only changes four DDS files connected with Dragonscale Armor.

4. Uninstallation: If will feel boored with my mod and want to remove it simply delete my WD file from your ...Two Wordls 2/WDFiles folder.

That's all. Happy gaming in new outfits.

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