Two Worlds 2 News (PC)

Two Worlds II delayed a bit in UK

Posted: 07.01.2011 by Technet2k

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It's disaster for those of you with a phobia to buying your games in a month that can magically gain a day every 4 years, as Two Worlds II falls to February.

The original US and UK date was January 25th but publisher TopWare nudged it back a little to February 8th for Britain. Europe of course are already playing it.

ESRB rates 'saucy' Two Worlds II

Posted: 05.01.2011 by Technet2k

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The ESRB has rated Two Worlds II and its summary is quite revealing about just how revealing this RPG gets, liked some 'exposed buttocks'.

If anything can sell a game it's the ESRB summary pages. We get creatures impaled on spikes and even villagers who "cry out in protest" to being maimed.

Two Worlds II retails in UK January 25th, TopWare will publish

Posted: 08.12.2010 by Technet2k

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TopWare Interactive announce that partner SouthPeak Games 'relinquish' publishing rights for Two Worlds II in the UK and Ireland to focus on the US.

That means TopWare will be publishing it themselves in the UK January 25th, as they take the "weight off" SouthPeak. It's already past 1m sales in Europe.

TopWare "hopping mad" with Sony

Posted: 12.11.2010 by Technet2k

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Two Worlds II developer TopWare is rather miffed with Sony right now because they haven't delivered game discs "on schedule for release" in Europe.

The game is out now for Xbox 360 and PC, where they "can choose" the pressing plant, unlike with Sony and PS3. Down to "lazy buggers" they quip.

Two Worlds II slides into delay

Posted: 16.09.2010 by Technet2k

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SouthPeak has been awfully quiet about Two Worlds II and now only gives the upcoming role-playing sequel a 'TBC' stamp for its release date.

September 17th was the day it was alleged to be retailing but that's slipped. Rumblings suggest October now. It's for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.