UFO: Afterlight, review by uga

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Yes, Afterlight is not a X-COM game. ALTAR have put their efforts to make a different concept.
And for curious and opened people this is mutch appreciated!
1. The atmosphere and the way of conquer Mars is amazing!
2. The team members are now PERSONs, like in Jagged Alliance, and this is inspiring!
3. Anime like graphic is a very brave step, and bring even more fun and pleasure.
4. The whole game is otstanding and is worth to play. It is another new experiance in the gamer's life and enrichment of his adventure history!

There are some things that are not a desadvantage, but may be "further refined". As I red the maual and acording to first analyses:
1. It seems the game is very short in comparison with the previous versions, but that varies from different viewpoints.
2. Chemical limit is very disturbing, without trading, it is impossible to advance in the game.
3. And the most unpleasant thing is the unaccurate font rendering under 1024x768 rezolution. This just kills some 40% of the pleasure brought by the game. Under bigger rezolutions I think this problem do not exist, but can say for sure.
Posted on 03/06/2007 03:34
9.5 perfect