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New items in mod: 69
New techs in mod: 15
New trainings in mod: 1
Tweaks in mod: hundreds
Your fun factor: priceless


coming soon in v2.01:
changed: adjusted long-range ammo for all projectile weapons to +12.5% range & -20% damage
changed: adjusted large-damage ammo for all projectile weapons to -12.5% range & +20% damage

new in v2.00:
added: two new damage types (acid and plasma)
added: Flamethrower Superfuel
added: Robot Flamethrower
added: Robot Flamethrower Fuel
added: Robot Flamethrower Superfuel
added: Plasma Mine
added: Incendiary Mine
added: Assault Rifle
added: Anti-material Rifle
added: Petteri's Martian Assault Mod v0.951 is now bundled together with the TR mod archive
changed: Merlon's excellent Recolour Mod Mars v1.1 is now bundled together with the TR mod archive
changed: warehouses now only require level 3 resources to build (unmodded value level 4)
changed: Ground Radar now also requires T_MilitaryBase1 (Radar) to manufacture
changed: all text references to "phosphorus" now say "incendiary"
changed: Heavy Battle Suit maxhostility is now 6 (unmodded value 4)
changed: Battle Suit maxhostility is now 5 (unmodded value 4)
changed: Nature Forces are now immune to all damage types except EM, explosive, meson, and plasma
changed: Nature Force attack now does 200 damage (unmodded value 20)
changed: acid and plasma weapons now use the new damage types (instead of 'fire')
changed: beastmen of all types (including rollers and spiders) are now immune to acid
changed: EM weapons now do 40% stun (grey), 30% temporary (red), and 30% permanent (black) damage (unmodded values 70%, 15%, 15%)
changed: Beastman Soldier basehp is now 200 (unmodded value 150)
changed: Beastman Shaman/Alchemist basehp is now 150 (unmodded value 120)
changed: Beastman Matriarch basehp is now 120 (unmodded value 60)
changed: Martian Plant Pet basehp is now 300 (unmodded value 30)
changed: Crawling Robot basehp is now 270 (unmodded value 90)
changed: Levitating Robot basehp is now 350 (unmodded value 70)
changed: Robot Mech basehp is now 1300 (unmodded value 650)
changed: Robot Spider basehp is now 1600 (unmodded value 800)
changed: Crawling Robot stun recovery is now 0.25 (unmodded value 0.15)
changed: Levitating Robot stun recovery is now 0.3 (unmodded value 0.2)
changed: Robot Mech stun recovery is now 0.5 (unmodded value 0.1)
changed: Robot Spider stun recovery is now 0.8 (unmodded value 0.2)
changed: Boss stun recovery is now 0.3 (unmodded value 0.1)
changed: Boss temp recovery is now 0.1 (unmodded value 0)
changed: Aimed Burst is now the preferred mode for the Beastman Rifle and Big Rifle (unmodded first choice is Aimed Single)
changed: BeastmanRifle range is now 40 (unmodded value 25)
changed: BeastmanRifle aimingtime is now 1.2 (unmodded value 1.6)
changed: BeastmanRifle AP ammo now does 50 damage (unmodded value 55)
changed: BeastmanPistol range is now 32 (unmodded value 20)
changed: BeastmanPistol aimingtime is now 0.9 (unmodded value 1.2)
changed: BeastmanPistol AP ammo now does 35 damage (unmodded value 32)
changed: BeastmanBigRifle range is now 56 (unmodded value 35)
changed: BeastmanBigRifle aimingtime is now 1.5 (unmodded value 2.0)
changed: BeastmanBigRifle AP ammo now does 80 damage (unmodded value 65)
changed: BeastmanCannon range is now 22 (unmodded value 14)
changed: BeastmanCannon AP ammo now does 300 damage (unmodded value 250)
changed: Beastmen AP Ammo now uses AP damage type
changed: Beastmen Acid Ammo now uses Acid damage type
changed: plastic mine now does 800 damage (unmodded value 400)
changed: plastic mine blast radius is now 7.5 (unmodded value 5.5)
changed: Reticulan mine now does 900 damage (unmodded value 450)
changed: Reticulan mine blast radius is now 8 (unmodded value 5)
changed: Martian Pets are now immune to projectile and acid attacks, and 99% resistant to cutting
changed: increased Martian resistance to AP and acid attacks
changed: added project and shift names for all living human characters
changed: doubled the weight of all gatling ammunition
changed: Robot Gatling weight is now 20 (unmodded value 4)
changed: added a very large Dodge penalty as part of the glop effect
changed: inventory slots for both Human medium suits rearranged/expanded
changed: default Beastman Soldier attribute increased by +2 (to "Outstanding")
changed: default Beastman Alchemist/Shaman attribute increased by +1 (to "Good")
changed: default Beastman Mistress attribute increased by +3 (to "Heroic")
changed: all default Martian Robot attributes increased by +1
changed: HEAT rocket damage doubled
changed: Beastman Matriarchs who were previously equipped with Martian Plasma Cannon are now equipped with Beastman Big Rifles
changed: renamed "Ancient Earth" tab as "Close Combat" and moved all the firearms into the "Projectile" tab
changed: renamed "Explosive" tab as "Ordnance"
fixed: removed top slot from the Human Laser Pistol
fixed: Human SMG snap single mode now only fires 1 round (instead of 3)


* meson cannon
* injector darts, dart pistol, dart rifle
* Powered Armor Medic Suit
* Powered Armor Tech Suit
* anti-EM/laser shield
* handheld personal force shield
* area effect anti-kinetic shield (high attack resistance, large slow debuff to everyone inside the 'bubble')
* nanotech devices
* stasis device
* IR and night vision add-ons for binoculars

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