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Synopsis: A polished conversion of RTNP for UT, with additional subplots that accompany 10 new levels.

Fully polished Return to Na Pali conversion for Unreal Tournament with all the great features of oldskool. It also contains the cut Unreal Beta maps in a finalized form, together with the RTNP adventure. Here is a full list of features:

-RTNP conversion to UT, without the pesky bugs that have come with previous RTNP conversions.
-The original 17 RTNP levels with bug fixes, texture alignments, game play enhancements, and more. Some maps have been given the treatment they should have received when the Expansion pack first came out!
-10 new levels, completely restored from Beta content of Unreal. This content was originally cut from the official game. It has been modified to fit right in with RTNP, including proper transitions between levels. All of it feels right at home in RTNP!
-Restored beta content has been completely revamped. This includes better lighting, enhanced game play, new stories, added RTNP content, texture alignments, technical revisions, and much more. None of it is in beta form any longer, but finalized.
-Restored music from the beta releases, which are used in the new maps and even some of the old maps.
-Implemented Oldskool features, including permanent carcasses, weapon decals, scoreboard with kill counts, and more.
-A great menu system created by Integration.
-More of a challenge when used with the 'Limbo Difficulty Mutator', which has been included with this conversion. This is recommended for veteran players who found the original RTNP to be too easy!

Important: Make sure to read 'RTNP - Ultimate Edition.txt' found within the ZIP file very carefully for installation and playing instructions!

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