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Strangelove is a mutator for Unreal Tournament that replaces the Redeemer with a similar weapon that you can ride. With various sound clips borrowed from the Dr. Strangelove movie, this mutator is definitely a unique way to play.

Strangelove has a much steeper learning curve compared to other mods, so Strangelove has not had a huge community like Monster Hunt and BunnyTrack. Communities like AToMIC UNReAL and UT-SLV have helped keep the mod active. AU has closed down, so UT-SLV took over as the central place of all things Strangelove.

Work on the Strangelove mod has been dropped by 0FUS/S.L.U.T.S. Engineering Labs, the original developer in which their last version of Strangelove was SLV202.

Strangelove development has unofficially been picked up by Zeropoint Productions which is ran by Daan "Defrost" Scheerens. Zeropoint Productions has updated Strangelove to versions SLV203 & SLV204 by fixing numerous bugs, adding new features and making the overall mod run smoother. 203 added in a new boost system for increased speed along with numerous bug fixes, while 204 fixed many more bugs which were expected to be the cause of many server crashes. The Strangelove mod has been made much more reiable and much less prone to crashing. For up-to-date information on the Strangelove mod, visit UT-SLV!

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