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The Perfect Dark mod is a UT modification based on Perfect Dark (N64). The basic premise is to combine the style and power of UT with the massive content of Perfect Dark, while at the same time improving upon PD's blatant errors (i.e., slow, cumbersome movement) and maybe adding (optional) new features.

While the PD weapons will be, for the most part, true to the originals, some allowances must be made. For example, UT has no built in "Action" button (for opening doors, reloading, etc.) so this functionality must be built in using similar effects.

The maps are true to the original, as much as can be, but cannot be perfect renditions. Some scaling issues have been uncovered in certain maps, as well as some questions of physical feasibility. All in all, the maps are accurate representations of what once was...

Movement speeds and accelerations are not quite addressed yet. Any Perfect Dark fan can tell you that you moved faster when strafing instead of just walking forward. While that feature is...odd, to say the least, I have no doubt it is possible to implement.


The Perfect Dark mod files have a temporary home:

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