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Map by [HSP]Wangtang

Take all of the contents of each folder and put it into the folder with the same name in ut2004.
All the files in the system folder goto Ut2004System

Note: This map uses the Air Power IV Mod (included).
You need it to play this map, so if your planning on using this map online, add this line to your ut2004.ini server packages:

Map description:
The enemy has stolen a valuable power cell and are attempting to escape aboard the NSDF Pwnage class Frigate. Their ship is heavily armed with gun batteries on either side and 2 Ion cannons. 2 ISDF Ownage class cruisers are in pursuit, trying to get back what was stolen. This map is an all air combat map, and uses teh APverIV mod.

You start off on 1 of 2 Ownage class cruisers in space, each with a compliment of
8 fighters, 16 total for attackers. You must first take out the shield generators,
located on the upper part of the Frigate. Then you must disable the engines of
the ship by destroying the 4 energy conductors on each engine. Then you must
take out the bridge, totally crippling the frigate, all while being shot at by
gun batteries and enemy ships.
If you make it that far, you must pusue the frigate, after it has crashed on a nearby
planet, and retrieve the power cell and bring it home.
Not so easy huh?

Pretty much the same as above, except you protect the stuff.
You start off in 1 of 2 fighter bays each with 8 fighters, 16 total.

The main idea of this map is Air superiority, if you have that, the map is easy.

Please do not modify this map without asking me first.
If you have and questions, email me at

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