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Map name: VCTF-Armageddon
Version: Final
Date: 29/4/2009
Category: Unreal Tournament 2004 VCTF map
Author(s): Gregor Sušanj aka ~SD~Sonicelo

When a nuclear strike hitted the city, it became clear, this will be the next
tournament arena. Armageddon features a fast-paced VCTF action, combining most
available vehicles into a destructive force of the tournament. Battle it out
inside burning crater, underground railway, windy skies or simply on the streets.

Used custom content
Custom ambient sounds from
Team selectable/neutral vehicles
Custom looping music

Extract the files to your UT2004 directoy.

Find VCTF-Armageddon-BetaX in your UT2004/maps folder and delete it!

Known Issues or Bugs
Nothing known

Version history
Description changed

Changed skybox
Added locations
Added some blocking volumes around
Added a lot of eye candy
Optimized unseen bsp
Even more BSP corrections, now it builds superfast!
Some corrections to paths
Added ambient sounds
Added level screenshots

Beta 4:
Added jumppads near tanks for faster traveling
Added some more scorpions
Adjusted pads a bit
Slowed down lifts
And anything more I cant remember atm...

Beta 3:
Major overhaul of bot pats/ jump pots / assault paths
Added some extra pickups, still needs more imo
Fixed some antiportals
Added missing blocking volumes
Fixed floating trees
Added some more clutter

Beta 2:
Major aligment of the bsp gheometry
Fixed the lifts
Minor optimizations
Added forgoten weapon lockers
Added more pickups around the map

Beta 1:
Initial release

You can find me on the 1# Big Battle servers forum as 'Sonicelo'

Thanks to Big Battle Servers Community for usefull input!

Tools Used
Unreal Ed
Audacity 1.3.7
Readme Generator

You can do whatever you want with this mod but all I ask in return is that
you give me credit if you distribute any part of this mod.

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