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Map Title: DM-PorkChopSandwiches
Version: Version 1.0 Beta 2

Scenario: Deathmatch
Player Count: 4-8
Bot Paths: Yes

Description: A small, fast-paced symmetrical DM map set in an industrial-themed enviroment.

External Packages: None
Map Size: 8.29mb

Map Author: Syphir
Author E-mail:

Map Start: 6.2.06
Map Finished: ---

Beta One (aka Closed EMC beta): 7.1.06 (10:21PM)
Beta Two (aka First Open beta): 7.10.06 (1:56AM)

Hours: 40+
Editors Used: Adobe Photoshop CS2, UnrealEd 3.0

Credits: Syphir (me, the map author)
Hourences (for a few static meshes used from DM-Rankin)

Special Thanks: VanEck
The Eternal Menace Clan (emc.)
And the TAM community

Known Issues/Bugs: 1. The elevator will occasionally not work when landed on.
2. The water effects in the main room (in the DD pit) will fall through the floor when
walked through.
3. It is unknown if this issue still exists. However, during TAM play, players would
occasionally begin in the hidden room.

Warnings: Intense amount of Coronas are used. If FPS is low, try turning those off!
Also, since this is the second beta, it is incomplete. But not by much.

System: AMD Athlon XP 2000+ (1.67Ghz)
512MB of DDR Corsair RAM
GeForce 6600GT (AGP8X)

Author Comments: This map was intended for TAM (TeamArenaMaster) play. This is also my first DM map.
Oh, and yes, this map is named after that awesome G.I. Joe animation. Google it.

Easter Eggs: 1


V1.0 beta1 to v1.0 beta2 changes:

+Added tentative ammo, weapons, and pickups
+Changed all fog color to Grey
+Added primitive (incomplete and basic) botpaths
+Adjusted the water in the DD pit (but it still needs work)
+Added location names
+Changed images in the easter egg room
+Other misc., extremely minor setting changes

Future Change List:

I plan on finalizing everything by the time the next beta is out. That includes absolutely finishing the
botpaths, weapons and pickups layout, and minimizing the bugs as much as I can.

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