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Posted on 07/27/2006 15:59
Points: 6
I just got here

just killing!!! i love this game!!! i can not wait 2 see UT2007

to many maps!!! i want 2 download evrything at once. and do not wait 3 minitues every time i want 2 download a new map!!! by the way i have allready 20 GB of maps and ther is more
9.9 perfect
Posted on 07/28/2006 20:41

UT 2004

Nice Game !!!
9.9 perfect
Posted on 04/20/2008 16:53
Points: 6
I just got here


ut 2004 mp is the best ever love it!!
9.9 perfect
Posted on 10/03/2007 04:31


Awesome game levels are Great game play is as
fun as it gets and if you use the editor
it makes it even funner.
if you want to use the editor but don't
know were to start. i suggest you get the
book Mastering Unreal Technology.
From Amazon.
9.2 perfect
Posted on 05/15/2008 10:15

great game briliant LAN
8.9 superb
Posted on 05/19/2008 07:26
Points: 541
SI Core Member

This game is F#cking "A" man!

This game is a great replacement for Quake 3

The graphics is quite alright... It could have been better.

The story is win the tournament

The gameplay is sweet... It's like Quake 3 only a lot faster.

Overall... Read More
8.4 superb