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This contains the mutator and a pdf manual for the Psionics Mutator.

To install unzip to the %UT2004% folder (default C:UT2004 or C:Program FilesUT2004)

The Psionics mutator adds special powers to ordinary UT2004 gameplay allowing for a more tactical style of game. It works with all game types of UT2004 as well as in multiplayer. The current list of moves includes:

Levitation - Who needs gravity?
Perception - Your opponents can no longer hide
Telekinesis - Fling your opponents around for fun
Blast - Shatter opponents into multiple pieces
Shield - I am invincible
Sight - See what your opponents see
Transport - Like teleporting only .. well it is teleporting
Invisibility - Now you see me, now your squinting, now your swearing

The psionics mutator comes with it's own configurations menu and a host of options and descriptions of moves. The zip file also comes with a detailed manual.

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