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Compatability: UT2004 v3369, this works online but is largely untested and still in development.
Description: A transportation weapon designed around a recent Valve Portal Gun video, primary fire will create one end of the portal and secondary fire will create the other.

This works with players ASWEL as vehicles however projectiles might sometimes go wierd (also the portal doesn't 'look' exactly right yet, there is no perspective change like with warp zones)

The portal will not warp objects bigger than the portal but you can continue to fire at a deployed portal to make it bigger or smaller (primary projectile on a primary portal = grow, secondary projectile on primary portal = shrink and vice versa) but its size is limited by surrounding geometry.

You can also hold down a fire button to charge up a projectile, the longer you hold it down the longer the portals initial growth-boost...if you hold down primary and secondary fire at the same time, the gun will shoot a projectile which will eliminate whatever portal it hits.

Credits: Code by John "Shambler" Barret (me), initial portal model by [Ci]Ikkuh, current model by Fuegerstef, weapon model by Myles Lambert, crosshair by Kyllian, portal sounds by A_Spec and adapted vehicle transportation code from VitalOverdose. (the latter taken from the Wiki

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