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Author: ParkisG

Additional credit: to 'Deathchild' for the use of his NecrisTeam2k4 Skin Pack,
Also if you have the Editors Choice Edition update, you wont need the animation file(.ukx) to install.

Released: October 2007

Necris Ghosts Skin Pack 2 for UT2004

Put Necrisghosts2.utx file in the UT2004\Textures folder
Put Necrisghosts2.upl file in the UT2004\System folder
Put NecrisAnim.ukx file in the UT2004\Animation folder (you may already have this file from ECE bonus Pack)

After that, go into the Main Menu ~ Settings ~ and under the Player tab ~ you can select character there.

I also have 3 other ghost skin packs - Ghosthunters Skin Packs 1 and 2, and also Necris Ghosts Skin Pack 1

distribute as you wish :)

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