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Name: Welcome to Wilshire Heights
Version: Final
Compatibility: UT2004

Genre: Top-down, free-roam, arcade-style shooter (like Raiden / Giga Wing / Zombies Ate My Neighbors)

Welcome to Wilshire Heights game prototype developed at The Art Institute of California - San Francisco in 2007. Team project which consisted of 9 members.
Gameplay footage of this game will *hopefully* be playing at the AI booth in the upcoming GDC '08 in San Francisco, CA.

The objective of this game is to blast zombies and other monsters away and survive long enough to obtain the highest score possible.

* 1 level, single player
* 6 weapons in total
* Various power-up items including score multipliers
* Lots of zombie enemies, including UFO boss
* Fixed camera that can be flipped 180 degrees
* Point system rewards the player for their actions as well as for killing zombies
* Bonus point system rewards the player for finding secrets

Hint: This game is all about getting the highest score possible, so not only is the amount of enemies you kill important, but your PERFORMANCE in the game greatly influences your score! Practice makes perfect, so if you die, try again. And remember, sometimes you'll want to save the best items for when you really need them! (IE when they'll yield you the best score!!!)

Download the zip file from the "Downloads" section of this mod, extract into your UT2k4 folder.
To play the game simply launch the "WilshireHeights" shortcut from C:\UT2004\WilshireHeights\System

This is the final version of the game. Any updates will be unlikely as the members of the team have split up and moved on to other projects.

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