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Legend of the Ormr; a total modification for Unreal Tournament 2004, is a 3rd person action / racing game involving flying mechanical dragons. The game involves players flying their dragons around the free roaming maps trying to collect as many checkpoints as they can, whilst also harassing their opponents by slowing, stunning and disorientating them by using their dragon attacks.

Once a player has collected the necessary amount of checkpoints to become the unassailable victor, the map ends and randomly switches to one of the 4 playable maps:

Islands – (2-4 players)
Village – (4-6 players)
Canyon – (6-8 players)
Castle – (2-4 players)

This game was primarily created as a multiplayer game, but we have also provided a single player prototype where you can upgrade your dragon at the start of a map and play against some basic AI bots. Although multiplayer is recommended. 

The game was developed as part of a second year assignment at the University of Salford course, Computer and Video Games. The development team, Promethean Entertainment was a 12 man team working over a 3-4month development cycle. You can see the names of every member at the end of the trailer.

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