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Authors: the Hollow Moon Team

All happens in the near future. You are Talos Davon, and you arrive to the moon research colony that exists for many years, in order to work as heavy machinery specialist. But no one come in contact with you and no one come to meet you. You enter an enormous, abandoned station which scale is unknown since its located mostly underground and has many restrict areas that you were forbidden even to ask about. But now when everyone is gone, who can stop you from trying to find out where is the crew and where the humanoid creatures that navigate trough this station like ghosts, came from. You cannot return since your shuttle won't reach earth by itself and the interplanetary space craft left to mars and next one wont arrive in next few mouth.

The game

The game is a first person, single player shooter which main purpose is to provide Science-Fiction, in visually believable way. Strong mystery atmosphere and interest to find out what happened, how it happened and what's the source to the problems. Those are the main motivators to play this game. The best feature is that you feel very strongly your presence inside game's world, you feel very well the mass of the objects, structures, and the fact that you are on the moon, and almost alone.

HM also brings the old shooter feel, not entirely copies old shooters but it brings some of that classic feel. You will enjoy mostly clear and understandable game play.

Another feature of the game is that its entirely in black & white. The reason is mostly artistic, since grayscale image provides better and more precise reception of the light/shadow balance and those are mot important elements to provide strong atmosphere and mood.

Also there is no sound accept music just like in mute cinema. Beware the background music - it's disturbing ;)

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