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Authors: Aftermath Studios

Submergence :: An amphibious vehicle combat mod for Unreal Tournament 2004

In the 21st Century, Humanity was warned of the consequences of global warming and paid little attention to the warnings. As years passed, sea levels rose and coasts were sunken, towns became flooded and entire countries became submerged. To cope with this global disaster, the world's super-powers swiftly created M.E.V's (Multi Environment Vehicles) capable of traversing the remaining land and travelling through water. However, in the face of extinction, Humanity refuses to unite and warring factions sprang up, laying claim to the remaining land and resources.

Submergence is a multiplayer modification of Unreal Tournament 2004, focusing on Vehicle combat, on-land and underwater, with destructible environments.

Submergence is produced by Aftermath Studios, a joint project between 11 Computer and Video Games Design students at Salford University.

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