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Author: Ektophase

Frag.Ops is a semi-realistic FPS total conversion mod for Unreal Tournament 2004. Players can choose between two teams, Special-Ops and Mercenaries, each has an arsenal of customizable weapons to choose from. FO takes place in a fictional near future environment with missions located worldwide. The gameplay in this modern tactical shooter is round based with different objective for each mission. Be warned, Frag.Ops contains extremely fast paced action.

Key Features Include

--WYSIWYG Aiming System - FO is the pioneer of this fully physical recoil system, in other words no aim-error or "conefire". This means as long as you adjust for recoil you will hit what you are aiming at.
--Medal Award System - Medals are awarded to players achieving certain goals, the medals have different rewards attached to them like cash and extra abilities. Achieving the highest marksmanship medal grants you access to the Golden Eagle a one shot kill pistol. Earning medals became a huge part of play, thus it wasn't surprising to see another game, D.I.C.E.'s Battlefield 2, make use of a medal system in an almost identical way 2 years later.
--Trait System - Select from multiple RPG like traits for your character, each have there unique pluses and minuses.
--Action Point System - These points allow you to sprint, making you run faster for a limited time, they can also help you stabilize your scope by holding your breath. You recharge these points manually by resting. The amount of action points you have depends on armor type, traits, and medals.
--Customizable Weapon System - The game offers 24 unique weapons divided evenly between the 2 teams except for a few shared weapons. Weapon can be upgraded with different options and attachments such as scopes, silencers, different ammunition, akimbo sub-machine guns, night vision scopes, laser sites, bayonets and even poison for your machete.


Nvidia $1,000,000 Make something Unreal Contest (MSU)

* Phase 2 (Best FPS Mod) - placed 5th Frag.Ops v1.0 - Oct 31 2003 UT2k3 (First Release)
* Phase 3 (Best FPS Mod) - placed 4th Frag.Ops v1.36 - June 2004 UT2k4
* Phase 4 (Best FPS Mod) - placed 2nd Frag.Ops v2.0 - Sep 2004 UT2k4
* Grand Finals (Best Mod) - placed 7th Frag.Ops v2.1 - Nov 2004 UT2k4

GameFlood $25,000 Mod and Map Contest

* Best FPS Mods - placed 3rd Frag.Ops v2.2 (2007)

Other Notes

Frag.Ops was also published in UT2004 Editor's Choice Edition along with other top mods. Unreal Tournament ECE was released on Sep 21 2004.

On the first day of release FO was downloaded over 20,000 times in the first 12 hours. Afterward it would remain the highest-played mod in UT2003 history, and continue on to UT2004 as the second-highest (March 2006).

I would also like to promote a brand new modern tactical shooter mod for Unreal Tournament 3 called Tactical Assault.

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