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Author: Jefe

Readme File:
Jefe's Hologram Skin Pack Version 1.1

What you're getting, and some notes:

Holographic skins for all the normal UT2004 player models, including Human and Skaarj skeletons as well as the ECE Megapack characters, Evil Engine's Battle Droid, Roadkill's Cylon, and Slyrr's Junkyard Mech, Bender, and Deinonychus (Raptor) models. I've included the updated animation file for Evil Engine's Battle droid that will be used in my upcoming Battle Droid Skin pack. You will need to have the other models installed to have access to the holographic versions of those characters. Check the How to Install section for download links for the additional models.

As a bonus I've added 3 non-holographic bonus characters: Taye, Shyanne and Picard. All three of these characters are based on cut content from UT2003/4. The faces for Shyanne and Picard are from the Upaint texture directory and were most likely early versions of Lauren and Brock, or at least counterparts for them. Taye and Picard also used existing (but otherwise unused) data entries in Taye is described as Othello's twin, so I created a very basic alternate face by modifying Othello's texture. Picard (the player name, not the texture) was most likely a ThunderCrash team member, but I decided he would fit well as a Brock counterpart/Iron Guard member.

All of the skins include 4 team colors, and the pack includes more than 100 selectable characters.

Version History:

1.1 Minor bug fix. (2009-07-24) Added a blue team skin for the blue holo material. Added a few solid color variants for the two-toned characters. (Cylon, Raptor, Junkyard Mech.) If you are upgrading from 1.0, delete the old HologramV1.utx and HologramV1ECE.utx files, and extract the new ones, HologramV1_1.utx and HologramV1_1ECE.utx. Extract the new upls, which will overwrite the old ones. All other files are unchanged.

1.0 - Official Release. (2009-07-23) Now known as the Hologram Skin Pack rather than Wireframe Skin Pack. Completely redid nearly every component of the old pack, hence the new name. The 0.3 version and the current version aren't mutually exclusive; you can have both sets installed if you wish. The only overlapping character names are those of Picard and Taye, which of course can be renamed.

0.3 - beta. (2008-11-5) Numerous improvements. Adjusted the color values of the various skins to be more consistent. Created player portraits by combining the normal portraits with a wire shader effect (More time consuming than you might think.) Changed characters from a default green color to one of four colors. Since most of the "races" in UT2004 follow a pattern of AA AB BA BB, I added additional characters where appropriate to continue the pattern. Most of the names I used are from UT99, while some where from unused entries in Also created simple characters for two of the missing characters (Picard: Jakob's head, Othello's body and Taye: Othello's head, Riker's body.) Created character descriptions. Removed CBP2 characters.

0.2 - beta. (2008-09-17) Discovered an error in the texture file that broke the skin pack. Fixed and added CPB2 glumpf and karaash. The other original CBP2 model, Goth Girl, was not included because of a 3rd texture, similar to Xan/Axon. The other CBP2 characters of of epic models, so i didn't include them either.

0.1 - beta. (2008-09-16) first beta. Need to improve player portraits for skeletons. Need to include instructions for creating wireframe version of custom models.

How to Install:

Extract Xan_twotex.ukx ....................... to UT2004/Animations (Required)
Extract Bdroidlite.ukx ....................... to UT2004/Animations (Required)
Extract HologramV1_1.utx ..................... to UT2004/Textures (Required)
Extract HologramV1_1ECE.utx .................... to UT2004/Textures (You need the Editor's Choice Edition (ECE) MegaPack installed for this file to work. You already have the ECE MegaPack content if you are using the Unreal Anthology version of UT2004.)
Extract ............. to UT2004/System (Required)
Extract xplayersL3Holo.upl ................... to UT2004/System (Required)
Extract xplayersL3Holo_ECE.upl ............... to UT2004/System (You need the Editor's Choice Edition (ECE) MegaPack installed for this file to work. You already have the ECE MegaPack content if you are using the Unreal Anthology version of UT2004.)
Extract xplayersL3Holo_EEDroids_Skels.upl .... to UT2004/System (Required)
Extract xplayersL3Holo_RoadkillCylon.upl ..... to UT2004/System (You need the Cylon model installed for this file to work.)
Extract xplayersL3Holo_SlyrrBender.upl ....... to UT2004/System (You need the Bender model installed for this file to work.)
Extract xplayersL3Holo_SlyrrJunkMech.upl...... to UT2004/System (You need the JunkYard Mech model installed for this file to work.)
Extract xplayersL3Holo_SlyrrRaptor.upl........ to UT2004/System (You need the Deinonychus (Raptor) model installed for this file to work.)

The folder AlternateShaderUPLs contains UPLs that use a slightly different and less complex shader effect. Try these if you have an older graphics card, or if you're just curious. The skins are slightly darker and the wire frame effect is completely opaque.

Please note that if you have version 0.3 installed and wish to continue using those wireframe characters, you will need to rename or remove the entries for Taye and Picard from xplayerswire3DEF.upl so that the 1.0 versions don't over ride the 0.3 versions. UPL files are simply text files that can be edited with Notepad or any similar program.

The Editor's Choice Edition (ECE) MegaPack can be found here:

The Cylon (v2) pack by Roadkillv3.4 and me can be found here:

The Bender model by Greg Fisk a.k.a. Slyrr can be found here:

The Deinonychus(Raptor) model by Greg Fisk a.k.a. Slyrr can be found here:

The Junkyard Mech model by Greg Fisk a.k.a. Slyrr can be found here:

A slightly modified version of the Battle Droid model by Evil Engine ( is included with this pack, but you can find the original model and skin here:

My Battle Droid skin pack will be available on all the sites included in the "My other UT2004 files" section of the readme.

How to Make Additional Holographic Characters:

First you'll need to locate the UPL entry containing the model data you wish to use. UPL files are located in /UT2004/System and can be opened with Notepad or a similar editor. Many UPL filenames are the same as the name of the character. If you still can't find the correct UPL, note where the character appears in your UT2004 character list; characters are sorted alphabetically by UPL name. Let's use RollCasket from my Megaman Legends pack (v3) as an example. Her entry is located in MML64Charactersv3.upl.

Player=(DefaultName="RollCasket",Race="MegamanLegends",Mesh=MML64RollCasket2.RollCasket,species=xGame.SPECIES_Merc,Sex=Female,BodySkin=MML64v3.RollCasket.RollBody,FaceSkin=MML64v3.RollCasket.RollHead,Portrait=MML64v3.RollCasket.RollTexPort,Voice=MMLROLL.MMLROLL,Text="Name: Roll Casket|Age: Under|Race: W.M.D.||Data:|Megaman is not a tool. ='(||",Menu="SP",Aggressiveness=+1.0,Accuracy=+0.75,CombatStyle=+0.25,Tactics=2.0,ReactionTime=+0.0,StrafingAbility=-2.0,Jumpiness=0.00,FavoriteWeapon=xWeapons.RocketLauncher,BotUse=5,TeamFace=1)

Copy the entry and paste it into a new UPL, or add it to the existing UPL. In most cases it is fine to edit an existing UPL file, but please note that you should never modify XplayersL1.upl or XplayersL2.upl, where the default characters are stored, since certain anti-cheat mutators check those files for changes.

Change the name of the character where it says DefaultName="". Now Modify the BodySkin= and FaceSkin= sections to use the one of the following textures. You can use the same colors for both face and body, or you can mix them.

Normal Shader
HologramV1_1.HoloMaterial_0 (Red)
HologramV1_1.HoloMaterial_1 (Blue)
HologramV1_1.HoloMaterial_2 (Green)
HologramV1_1.HoloMaterial_3 (Gold)

Alternate Shader
HologramV1_1.wireshader_0 (Red)
HologramV1_1.wireshader_1 (Blue)
HologramV1_1.wireshader_2 (Green)
HologramV1_1.wireshader_3 (Gold)

Lastly, you should add or edit team face settings, depending if on whether or not you want the face to change to team colors.

TeamFace=1 Face texture changes to team colors.
TeamFace=0 Face texture always stays the same color.

Your character should look something like this when you are done:

Player=(DefaultName="Holo_RollCasket",Race="MegamanLegends",Mesh=MML64RollCasket2.RollCasket,species=xGame.SPECIES_Merc,Sex=Female,BodySkin=HologramV1_1.HoloMaterial_0,FaceSkin=HologramV1_1.HoloMaterial_0,Portrait=MML64v3.RollCasket.RollTexPort,Voice=MMLROLL.MMLROLL,Text="Name: Roll Casket|Age: Under|Race: W.M.D.||Data:|Megaman is not a tool. ='(||",Menu="SP",Aggressiveness=+1.0,Accuracy=+0.75,CombatStyle=+0.25,Tactics=2.0,ReactionTime=+0.0,StrafingAbility=-2.0,Jumpiness=0.00,FavoriteWeapon=xWeapons.RocketLauncher,BotUse=5,TeamFace=1)

Save your UPL file and test it in-game :)


Slyrr for making the Raptor, Junkyard Mech and Bender models.

Evil Engine for making the the Battle Droid Model.

Roadkill v3.4 for making the Cylon model. Also for suggesting the idea that led to the hologram remake of this skin pack.

Animation file for Xan is based on the version extracted by :TsT:Engine for the skin EXan, which you can download here:

Killer909 for bringing the error in beta 1 to my attention, theguyinthejumpsuit for additional beta testing.


You MAY distribute this package through any electronic network, provided you include this file and leave the archive intact. You may create additional upls for use with this skin pack or use/modify my shader and texture effects in your own projects, provided you acknowledge my contribution.

This level is copyrighted by ~Jefe~ (Jeff Davidson) 2009.

You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this package i.e. put it on a CD or any other electronic medium that is sold for money without my explicit permission.


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