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This is version 3.0 of my FORTS modification.
I added lots of new content and fixed some mean bugs.
Some changes and additions are listed below:

- 2 playable factions ( Conglomerate and Anubian Alliance ) with 10 unique vehicles, 18 structures and 11 technologies
to be researched.
- contextual „FIRE" command for all base defenses
- Bots have money limit for vehicle purchasing
- Bots will instantaneously get into the vehicle they bought to prevent unused
vehicles standing around inside the base
- new effects on damaged structures
- structures cannot be placed while enemies are around
- updated purchase and research menu for each faction
- team faction selection via mutator menu ( Conglomerate / Anubian / Random)
- unique structures, vehicles, weapons and support-powers for each faction
- Anubian Assault Rifle added
- Production Structures: green line indicates vehicle spawning location in
- Production Structures: vehicle spawning location can be changed when
in 3rd-person-view.
- Upgraded Reactors and Anubis Super Reactors now cause radiation
damage for 40 seconds after destruction
- Auto-Repair indicator added to Battlemaster Tank
- Deploy icon added to Pioneer
- more accurate structure selection when multiple structures are close to each

-and far more...

Have fun with this new version of my FORTS modification!
That's an order, Commander ;)
Installation instructions:

to use this modification you need
Unreal Tournament 2004 (version 3355 or higher) with theUT2004-ECE-bonuspack installed.

unzip the .zip-file into your UT 2004 directory (for example C:\UT2004)


Copy "DKopp2Meshes.usx" into you UT2004 "StaticMeshes" folder;
Copy "DKopp2AnubisM.usx" into you UT2004 "StaticMeshes" folder;
Copy "DKopp2Tex.utx" into you UT2004 "Textures" folder;
Copy "DKoppIIanim.ukx" into you UT2004 "Animations" folder;
Copy "DKoppIISounds.uax" into you UT2004 "Sounds" folder;
Copy "DKoppII.u" and "DKoppII.ucl" into you UT2004 "System" folder;
Copy "ONS-FORTS-AirSovereignty.ut2" into your UT2004 "Maps" folder;

Then start UT 2004, choose "Onslaught" and select D3nnisK's Forts in the mutator selection menu.
Have fun!

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