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Mini game for UT2004.

Name: Lost in Time
Version: 1
Players: Single player.
RPG enabled: Yes (but the monsters become extremely powerfull if you are a high level player);
Custom monster packs: No! (Please do not use these maps for invasion, or any other mode for that matter. (Read Super Ape's read Me files on this)

This is my first project, apart from making maps.

I initially started making the entire map of Nosgoth for Soul Reaver, but the amount of detail the maps required, and the custom meshes, coding, etc... was something that I alone could not do, since I don't have the knowledge to do all of it, ans something i am not prepared to put time into.

So I decided to make this mini game, which will take you trhough various maps, where you have to solve puzzles to proceed to the next map.


Just place the maps in you maps folder, and the other files in the respective folder.
Then just fire up the game, go to the New (Super Ape's Mod) Fantasy Game Mode and play.



All maps were made by me, including custom textures and sounds.

I would like to thank first to Super Ape for his magnificent work on the Fantasy Mod that's included in this game.

Thanks to Blade Hunter for the upload, as I couldn't do it my self, for some reason it wouldn't let me.
Anyway, it is now available where it should...

Wormbo, for his codes.

Ant, Great Emerald, and Crusha, for all the help with triggers, codes, and other stuff.


I hope you enjoy playing this mini game, as much as I enjoyed making it.
Do report any bugs, glitches, etc... you might find.

Thanks for downloading.

All work belongs to their respective owners, and do NOT re-edit or re-destribute without valid permition.

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