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This project started in 2005 and was created by Cleveyus (a french mapper) who made the mod alone and recreated some shogo levels by updating it to the new technology of Unreal Tournament 2004.
The project ended November 22 2009

Unreal Tournament 2004

==How to Install==

Put all "Mod" content in your Unreal files ( C:UT2004Textures )
(C:UT2004StaticMeshes) Etc...

==How to Play==

This is a SoloGame, you must open the map in Unrealed for Play without Bot.

For lunch Unrealed, go on start menu of Windows or

When Unrealed is open, open the map call "IntroMontagne.ut2" by File/Open... or CTRL+O

When the Map is open, lunch the game by Build/Play Level or Ctrl+P.
Game is starting, the 3 map run automaticly, don't worry !

Good Game.

If you want use my StaticMeshes, Textures, Song etc... for your map, you can !!
It's free.
Just tell me if you use this at :



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