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This will be the first of several CS GO Voicepacks to come.

I've included lines in 'Other' like -throwing flashbang, grenade and incendiary- for use in team based Ballistic Weapons matches that you may want to check out.

After I finish the Counter Terrorist voices I plan to make a compilation for easy downloading and sorting, but if you can't wait that long keep your eyes on the Voice Vault for updates.

Thanks to Rockzproduction on youtube for audio.
Thanks to Catatafish for suggesting solutions which kept me progressing.
Also thanks to Eleven Seven for suggesting to do the CS GO voices.
This voice pack wouldn't be here without these three people.
France's elite Counter-Terrorist unit, the GIGN, was designed to be a fast response force that could
decisively react to any large-scale terrorist incident. Consisting of no more than 100 men, the GIGN has earned its reputation through a history of successful ops.

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