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With the help of Hybrid, we've been working on squashing some bugs in the Beta 4 release. Thanks to this, I'm happy to announce the release of Beta 4.1. You can find the necessary downloads in the Files section. They are available in either Full Install or Patch Install.

The changes in this version include:

Zero health bug FINALLY resolved.
Updated damage system.
Collision sound effect changes volume based on the violence of the collision.
Those are the main bugs fixed, along with some smaller tweaks and changes to the inner code.

Hybrid and I are now going to be moving into developing the next big release, Beta 5. This will include Flag Soccer, a new variation on soccer being made for UD. More details will be released on this mode in the near future.

Unreal Demolition is pure mayhem! The UD team will be utilizing the new vehicle technology in UT2k4 to it's fullest extent. We aim to bring to you the finest in vehicular combat.

UD features many different modes, including Classic Derby, Sumo, Soccer, War Mode, and more. We also have a wide range of vehicles available for you to choose from, including the Scorpion and Hellbender from UT2004, along with a Lamborghini, Police Car, School Bus, and many more.

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