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Modder--Alex Dickson (ut_level_maker777)
Version: FINAL
Category--Unreal Tournament 3>UT3 Downloads>Maps>Deathmatch


-Added more turrets (4)
-Added Ammo
-Removed Unneccesary Static Meshes



Extract to C:Documents and SettingsMy DocumentsMy GamesUnreal Tournament 3UTGamePublishedCookedPCCustomMaps


Welcome to what I consider My largest level ever. The Main room is where most of the action will be happening, you must work your way there from your spawn point. In the main room within the center pillar is the Redeemer and the Health Keg. Got Claustrophobia? You won't feel that here. Within the main room the train sits on a large rail, Lots of glowing effects, Low gravity for the Long drop from the top platform for a safe landing, Distance and Motion Blur enabled. Rememeber THIS IS A BETA DON'T EXPECT PERFECTION YET. My favorite feature I added in 5 turrets around the map. 1 on the top platform. 2 in the outer halls, and 2 on the bottom of the central room. You might want to practice your turret skills with this one because every opponent will come at you from all directions. At least in the center. One more recommendation, get to one of the turrets before your enemy. Otherwise you'll regret it.

First thing, I want you to look around at the Aesthetics in the central room. look at the ceiling closely, and you'll see how well it was done.



Please E-mail me of any problems or things you'd like to see or do it by PM ME on the Unreal Forums and look for "UnrealBomber"

The link to this map will also be available from the Unreal Forums.

(((PS))) Please E-Mail me Comments and Questions.

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