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Author: kornswag

This will be my first map in UT3 and I plan on polishing this up quite a bit before I presume it to be the final release, I just got to turn it in for a grade atm... There will be a custom playable character and some custom enemies as well, including custom weapons which will also come soon, but much more progress is in store for the future!

There is a puzzle I have been working on that is quite simple at the moment but plan on making it much more elaborate, maybe you could figure out what i've already got going =) The elevator will also be tied into the puzzle along with a great deal of the lights that will need to be "turned back on" essentially, but have temporarily enabled them for testing purposes. I've also added pathing for up to 16 bots if you feel like throwing some cannon fodder in there to shoot at, have fun!

Oh yeah, there will be a dragon too, hence the foreshadowing given by the statues outside the main door =D

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