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After being rebuilt several times and enhanced with each pass, in this third installment of this map we'll learn more about its .... not so humble beginnings. Brought forward with each major enhancement of tournament technology, this version boasts the ultimate enhancements, improvements, and quality we've seen thus far from the "Areana-Style" capture the flag setting known as CTF-Football.


Located on a space platform orbiting planet Mars in Earth's solar system; Liandri Stadium was originally designed as a recreation center / proving ground for observers, & investors to view the testing of Liandri's most advanced combat machines pitted against each other in fierce battles as part of the fine tuning & endurance testing process while various stages of development with different models evolved.

Later the arena was used as a staging grounds for Earth's elite humanoid gladiators to hold; both scrimmages, & official ladder matches for the sport of Football in intergalactic competition from neighboring solar systems throughout the galaxy.

Eventually that phase would pass also, as the Earth's global economy sunk farther into ruin; primarily because of poor political appointments, which ultimately led to the downfall of the free markets, eventually stamping out & extinguishing the last remaining bits freedom & democracy ultimately resulting in unrenewed contracts due to a lack of funding & free enterprise.

With times passing a renewed sense of hope was reborn; realizing the potential profits from commercial use of this facility combined with the knowledge that the arena was designed; with the most advanced alloys, reinforced concretes, and hardened metals of the time, ((built to withstand the blast of nuclear explosions)) the Liandri Robotics Corporation knowing peoples love and thirst for the blood thirsty sport, eventually opted to convert the stadium into a Capture the flag arena for the Tournament.


* Custom textures
* Custom content
* Includes original Music Track: Organic
* Scaled on par with the Original UT as the 2K4 version felt too large
* Substantial additional BSP used for trim and to display the potential & possibilities of the UT3 engine when used in this fashion
* This is one of my favorite and one the all time best of the custom non-standard maps for UT1, it had to be brought forward
* Bots / AI function is excellent; bots will use all possible path combination and variations randomely to and from the flags
* Lighting & post-processing heavily tweaked & dialed in to work well with both bloom enabled & disabled
(Recommended neutral brightness setting of 5 & 'bloom' enabled for this level)
* Version 1.1: enhancements - see changelog
* Version 1.2: enhancements - see changelog



* correct issue with audio reverb error, (thanks HO0815XX)
* further enhance map and make more next-gen

1. Rework SkyDome Texture, (animated stars, adjusted texture coordinates, etc.)
2. Replaced bricks & grout in lower bases (Modified & further refined version of originals)
3. Adjusted spacing on team logos (lower bases) and added mesh trim to frames.
4. Added edging trim to flag recessed Hexagons
5. Added Mesh trim to lower base separators (twin oblong octagons)
6. Added custom BSP brushes to compliment mesh accents on octagons
7. Adjusted suggested player count to 4-12
8. Additional Trim work; increased Mesh count from 698 to 1268
9. Replaced all indoor light fixture meshes w/more futuristic style
10. Addded texture instructions and desaturation in "chick" portraits
11. Modified textures / bricks in stair halls (cleaner / squared off)
12. Added team arrow direction indicators in lower and upper bases
13. Modified transition areas near vending machines
14. Changes 'physical' materials on several floor textures
15. Decreased size of equipment crates (upper bases)
16. Reworked texture and added trim for equipment crates
17. New Textures for upper bases (partially mesh for optimization)
18. Change spacing / reduced number of 'team-logo's' upper base
19. Modified glass material for upper hall windows (was too clear)
20. Slightly modified lighting in upper and lower bases (optimized)
21. Reduced size of vending machines (approx 20-30%)
22. Modified base support columns on goal posts.
23. Modified trim / deco above goal posts
24. Added trim in arena ceiling next to flood lights
25. Added 'modified' railing in stadium
26. Added trim on slope from playfield to teleporters
27. Modified fountains (added BSP brushes modified textures & new trim/deco) to make more realistic.
28. Added trim to stadium side nooks (front and behind of supports)
29. Modified arena brick textures (optimized and increased overall brightness)
30. Removed collision on team direction indicators (stadium)
31. Shorten map name to CTF-Football2k9
32. Added health pickup near Crates (below Flak Cannon) Added health vials @ heath pickup at end of upper halls.
33. Modified Redeemer shields: (temporarily disappear when shot) >AI not working< will fix in next release.
34. General optimizations (reduced file size) removed null textures, nullified hidden textures surfaces, etc.
35. Removed redundancy (map description & readme.txt)

End changelog.



* correct issue with mesh overlap / tearing issue, (thanks Stevelois)
* Correct & enhance various other minor issues
* Ad more color to map (reduce overal neutral look - more of a warm / cool mix)

1. Repaired mesh tearing issue (twin oblong octagons) trim
2. Create new materials for (twin oblong octagons) trim
3. Trim redeemer/sniper window
4. Slightly adjusted ammo location for sniper rifle
5. Color code lighting in sniper nooks
6. Color code to Red, Red base; pools, observation (floor) windows, textures, etc.
7. Added Color effect to lower outer rails in bases
8. Create new textures for lower base logo trim
9. Partially re-saturated "Chick" portraits (had over-desaturated in 1.1)
10. Slightly modified location of vending machines (too close to dimensional wall & trim)
11. Replaced stadium brick textures sides and front
12. Slightly modified stadium trim / deco above goal posts and struts near flood lights
13. Added various additional mesh trim (increased overall mesh count from 1268 to 1430)
14. Create new artificial turf, Color coded inzones, & field borders (reasonable compromise
from custom mesh turf which was originally scrapped due to performance issues.
15. Modified preview shot & include changelog 1.2 & additional screenshots in archive.

End changelog.

11/25/09 1x.


* Epic! for this awesome technology, - i'm convinced that there isn't much that you can't do with it, the potential is completely amazing.
* John Paul 'Decker' Jones, Axeman, & Strider.
* All of my testers; Rogue, iGniTe, Intimidator, GunrGurl, & Gussy.
* Sneh! for giving me inspiration to bring back quality remakes.
* Last but not least my Son for playing his first year of Flag Football and for capturing a flag this past weekend at his game.
* & me

Honorable mentions: ((if i may - these members / groups have encouraged me with their talents & contributions)) Remus for some sickly insane awesome work, EvilEngine for some of the best custom characters i've seen, TheHitMan for his impeccable design of CTF-Armadus, stevelois for always encouraging and supporting the members of the UT3 official forums community, the members of this community who keep the fire burning, HO0815XX for additional awakening with the LavaGiant remake, the HOLP crews, CBP crews,, & mapraider for providing solid mirrors

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