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Author: HO0815XX

Description: This is the Greed-Version of my Fun-Map and looks very unique.
Play it and you see what I mean !
The Greed-Bases are on top of the blimp. You can reach them with several Teleporters.
3 in the main-valley (in the hut's) and every one in the upper canyons.

Comments: V 1.1 Changes: Solved the issue, that in the upper canyons the skulls mostly falling into the kill-volume,
and then are lost. Thanks Odedge and SEBASTIEN-NOVA.

Known issues:
The bots play dumb.

The included .u-files (M_UTAmmo_SniperRifle.u, MTeleporter2.u, MWeaponPickupFactory.u)
are only necessary for server-use (I think so), they are cooked in the map.
>NoVehicles< is a little mutator to remove vehicles from any map (as the name says).

Credits: Me (The Map), Remus (Solar System Texturepack), Odedge/SEBASTIEN-NOVA (Lost GreedSkull-Teleport), Epic (for the U-Game-Series)

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