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Name : DM-WoodRun
Version : 1.0
Game plateform :Unreal Tournament 3 for PC (patch 5 + titan pack)
Gametype : DM/Duel
Num players : 2-12

Note :
About 5 months (probably more) of dev.

Custom Contents :
Powerups rotation seq. between Berserk & UDamage on the same spot (give me hard time to get it works properly with bots !)
Post Process

Credits :
For their Beta tests, constructives feedbacks and great support :

Bl!tz, Stevelois, Odedge, Luv Studd, [FnG]Bawsy, TIPPER, Rathalos150, Gush, Keo and all UOF team!

Dr Judym for the cool wall brick texture (
ShadeMistress for the nice barrel mesh and textures set.

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