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Author: FragTastic

Name: DM-Pentecost
Version: Final v1.0
Compatibility: UT3 patch 2.1 (Titan Pack not needed)
Description: Evil radiates from this place. Even the plants seem to have trouble surviving its malignant radiance. Wicked mages and warriors used to summon the wealthy with spells to this evil castle. They would then pick them clean of anything of value before sending them crashing to their death, through one of the many deathpits in the complex. Now the forces of darkness have resurrected this facility for the final battle and are using it to train their forces. Fear not sinner, your day of judgement is nigh!

My third map for UT3. A mid sized map, pentagon arena surrounded by 5 double floored building. Includes 42 custom static meshes. A custom skydome and all custom textures. I have implemented a little risk vs. reward for quite a few pickups. Ive also tried to focus on more z-axis gameplay and a blend of ramps, jump pads and lifts based on peoples thoughts in the "lets talk about DM gameplay" thread

Comments: Final version, finally available lol. Changelog is under download link for those interested.
Performance improved since RCDOM release.

Pentecost Quick stats:
-42 custom meshes
-All custom textures
-7620 Mesh instances
-1.54 million instance triangles
-300K-750K polygon count range in game
-Deployables: 1x UDamage, 1x Berzerk, 1x megahealth, 1x each armour pickup (4)
-Weapons: 2x stinger 1x everything else (no dual enforcer or redeemer)

Credits: FragTastic, Epic

Big Thanks to all these epicBU forum members for their contribution too.
Tech help: Lord_Porksword, HKLM, Dr_Judym, Freaky1, Apophis3D, Nawrot, bclagge, ambershee, sad aust, odedge

Beta/Alpha feedback: Lord_Porksword,Freaky1, Bl!tz, diesalot, MamiyaOtaru, ThaMarine, 4TX4, coolcat22, SuperAlgae, Himaren, Sebastien-Nova

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