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Created By Chunky Munky 2013

This is a medium sized Death Match map, best suited to between 6-16 players.It Has two identical rooms, that are accessed using the Teleporters in the Glass Rooms.

I will repost this map if and when I make any alterations to it.

Any feedback will be appreciated.

Unzip and copy/paste to your c:/User/My Documents/Unreal Tournament 3/Unpublished folder


Known Bugs:

Some bots have a tendancy to stand still for no apparent reason, despite bot pathing being adjusted considerably. Also, some bots find it difficult to go through doors. Agin, I have made alot of adjustments, to no avail.

All credit to Epic Games for the creation of the Unreal Editor and the items that go with it to help us create these maps.

If you wish to modify or use any part of this map in any way, you MUST ASK MY PERMISSION FIRST AND GIVE ME CREDIT.

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