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This .zip contains the 9 config files that host the setting for your game.
These configs have been painfully tweaked to squeeze all the fps possible out of UT3.

The configs make the game appear cell shaded, but this has its obvious advantages. You will play with UT3 always running smoothly, and more importantly see your enemies easier.

Once you have put these in the required folder, remember that they will overwrite your current ones, this means you will loose settings like your username and password at the login screen. But this is not a problem and all you will need to do is type them in again and save them. Additional custom settings are up to you after that, example - weapon model right, left or hidden, will have to be entered again by you then saved, this will also probably include your screen resolution.

If there are any problems with this what so ever, feel free to pm me with a subject of something like "UT3 Low Res configs help" or something, just so i know whats going on :)

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