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Author: Xaklse

What the hell is a relic? The relics are items that move around the map and give you special powers. You will be able to pick up only one of them.

The Heaven of Relics mutator for UT2004 is being ported to UT3, with the following relics:
- Relic of Strength: Doubles the damage that you do.
- Relic of Defense: Reduces all the damage you take by half.
- Relic of Health: Regenerates your health.
- Relic of Haste: Multiplies your speed by 1.5.
- Relic of Redemption: Gives you a second chance at life.
- Relic of Vengeance: Creates a big explosion after your death.
- Relic of Agility: Provides you a powerful jump.
- Relic of Ammo: Gradually increases your ammunition up.
- Relic of Guns: Makes you shoot faster.
- Relic of Equilibrium: Distribute damage you take amongst nearby players.
- Relic of Infancy: Decreases you in size.
- Relic of Invisibility: Makes you invisible.
- Relic of Momentum: The momentum of damage is increased.
- Relic of Radiation: Gradually decreases the opponents' health near to you.
- Relic of Vampire: Grants you the ability to drain opponent's life damage.

New relics and vehicle support will be included, and expect many configuration options.

Second version of Relic Madness mutator. New skins and bug fixes.

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